Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways

This conference will integrate fundamental and applied aspects of modern enzymology. A broad cross section of academic and industrial research will be merged into program that will showcase the most innovative current thinking in enzymatic reaction mechanisms and in applied enzymology. The meeting will bring together a vibrant mix of established and new academic investigators with students and industrial researchers with the aim of stimulating dialogue among experts of diverse approaches and applications of enzymology. This year’s meeting will include topics such as multi-enzyme assemblies, covalent and allosteric regulation, metabolic engineering, single molecule enzymology, nucleic acid processing and modification, redox enzymes, metalloenzymes and, of course, the interplay between enzyme structure, mechanism and inhibition.

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Pathways from Structure to Output
(Hazel Holden / Janet Smith / Lori Giver)
Mechanism of DNA Repair
(Zhibao Zhuang / Maria Spies / Wolf-Dietrich Heyer / Cheryl Arrowsmith)
Assigning Function and Targeting Inhibition
(Steve Almo / Tom Meek / Stewart Fisher)
Engineering Catalysis
(Reinhard Sterner / Margaret Glasner)
Engineering Pathways
(Sven Panke / Chris Voight)
Membranes as an Essential Component of Structure and Activity
(Josh Wand / Falk Harnisch)
Enzyme and Metabolic Regulation
(Bill DeGrado / Michael Marletta / Kim Orth / Gerald Carlson)
Assembly and Maintenance of Metallo-Cofactors in Enzymes
(Joan Broderick / David Barondeau / Deborah Zamble)
Catalyzis based on Thiols, Selenium and More
(Richard Armstrong / Vadim Gladyshev / Kate Carroll)

15 Jul - 20 Jul 2012
Waterville Valley
United States of America
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