Academic Discovery Workshop

The drug discovery landscape is facing many challenges and changes fueled in part with the ongoing de-risking efforts by the Pharma industry; seemingly downsizing their footprint or exiting the space all together. The emerging new paradigm seems to be revolving around academic and non-for-profit institutions to carry out the discovery part of the process across a multitude of therapeutic areas. What has started as a successful interactive workshop for academic screening for the past three years, has now evolved to encompass all discovery aspects from technology development, hit identification, to licensing deals.

This new format will continue to provide delegates the opportunity to learn as well as share experiences about enabling technologies, hit to lead generation, dealing with academic tech transfer offices, identifying and working with CROs, and interrogating the value proposition of functional genomics in translational research.

Agenda Topics:

- Academic Technology Transfer: Due Diligence, Development and Commercialisation
- Building and Financing Drug Discovery Efforts in Academia
- Functional Genomics Technologies in 2014
- Identifying and Working with CRO's
- Novel and Enabling Screening Technologies in 2014
- Public - Private Partnerships
- RNAi and Genome Editing Technologies
- Target versus Phenotypic Based Discovery
- Vendor/User Perspectives on HCA in 2014
+ show speakers and program
Conference Chair:

- Hakim Djaballah, Director, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Other Participants:
- Litao Zhang, Vice President, Leads Discovery & Optimization , Bristol-Myers Squibb
- Yuhong Du, Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Emory University
- Richard Neubig, Professor and Chair, Michigan State University
- Tim Hammonds, Head, Cancer Research Technology
- Haian Fu, Professor and Director, Emory University
- Terry Riss, Senior Project Manager, Promega
- David Shum, Assay Development Specialist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
- Rathnam Chaguturu, Founder and CEO, iDDPartners
- Geoffrey Bartholomeusz, MD Anderson Cancer Center
- Thierry Langer, CEO, Prestwick Chemical
- Chris Porter, Assistant Professor / Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine
- Scott Martin, Group Leader, RNAi Screening, NCATS, NIH
- Kamyar Hadian, Head of Assay Development and Screening Platform, Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen
- Roland Wolkowicz, Associate Professor, San Diego State University
- Bhavneet Bhinder, Bioinformatics Engineer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
- Chi Yun, Director RNAi Core, NYU School of Medicine
- Susan Magdaleno, Senior Manager of Research and Development for Ambion, Life Technologies
- Anka Ehrhardt, Independent Consultant, Independent Consultant
- Jean-Philippe Stephan, Senior Scientist, Genentech
- Jeanne Farrell, Business Development Director, Ichan School of Medicine
- Ann Hoffman, , Independent Consultant
- Arumugham Raghunathan, Head, Horizon Discovery Limited
- Viviane Martin, Associate Director, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
- Andrew Tingey, Director of Licencing , DSM
- Andy Pope, Leader, Platform Technology & Science, Discovery Partnerships with Academia, GSK
- Madhu-Lal Nag, PostDoc, NCATS, NIH
- Chris Willis, Solution Scientist, Thomson Reuters
-Susan Dilorio, Qiagen

23 Sep - 25 Sep 2014

United States of America
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