Translational Regenerative Medicine

SELECTBIO is hosting the Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress which is organized by the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine (TRM) of the Leipzig University. This indication-related congress brings together delegates from clinic, leading pharmaceutical companies and academia from around the world focusing on innovative treatment strategies in the field of regenerative medicine.The congress provides presentations and panel discussions focusing on novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods of regenerative medicine. For practitioners, this translation-oriented event offers the exceptional opportunity to gain knowledge about new treatment concepts in regenerative medicine. For researchers, this event offers a platform to promote new therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine and to create a business platform.

Agenda Topics:
- Clinical Video Tutorial with Planned Life Annotations
- Regulatory Environment and Bench to Bedside Process in Regenerative Medicine
- Stem Cell Sources (Usage of Adipose-derived Stem Cells)
- Treatments in Eye, Bone,Cartilage & Muscle, Liver & Pancreas, Blood & Cord Blood, Skin & Blood Vessels
+ show speakers and program
Keynote Speakers:

Anil Dhawan
Professor, KCL

Lukas Prantl
Professor/Head, University of Regensburg

Conor Ramsden
Doctor, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL

Heike Walles
Professor, University of W├╝rzburg

Other Speakers include:

- Ronny Schulz, Investigator, TRM Leipzig
- Timothy O'Brien, Director of the Regenerative Medicine Institute, National University of Ireland
- May Griffith, Professor, Linkoping University
- Frank Emmrich, Director, TRM Leipzig
- Stephan Fricke, Investigator, TRM Leipzig
- Mike Francke, Investigator, TRM Leipzig
- Vuk Savkovic, Investigator, TRM Leipzig
- Dirk Sawitzky, Quality Manager Non Clinical Test Facility, TRM Leipzig
- Timo Faltus, Investigator, TRM Leipzig
- Denis Dufrane, Professor, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Universit├ę Catholique de Louvain
Louis Casteilla, Director STROMALab, University of Toulouse
Sophie Niemansburg, PhD Student, University Medical Center Utrecht
Mathias Freund, Professor/Director, Seracell Pharma
Anke Hoffmann, R&D Research Scientist, Vita 34
Ulrich Sack, Associate Director of Research, TRM Leipzig
Moritz Schmelzle, Invesitgator, TRM Leipzig
Hans-Michael Tautenhahn, Invesitgator, TRM Leipzig
Christiane Bruns, Director, Department of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Magdeburg

21 Oct - 22 Oct 2014

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