The Neurobiology of Pain and Itch

Meeting Topics include:
-Molecular heterogeneity of the primary afferent: a target for pain therapy
-Unraveling the dorsal horn circuits that transmit pain messages
-Distinguishing the neural circuits that cause itch from those that cause pain
-Imaging the brain: where pain and itch percepts are ultimately generated

+ show speakers and program
Diana Bautista (UC Berkeley, US)
"Chronic itch signaling in sensory neurons and skin"
Catherine Bushnell (NIH, US)
"Title TBA"
Sulayman Dib-Hajj (Yale University, US)
"Peripheral Sodium Channel Mutations in Human Pain Disorders"
Mark Hoon (NIH, US)
"Deciphering Itch Signaling pathways- is there a code"
Rohini Kuner (UniversitatsKlimikum Heidelberg, DE)
"Title TBA"
Quifu Ma (Harvard University, US)
"Title TBA"
Pat Mantyh (University of Arizona, US)
"Skeletal Pain throughout the seasons of life"
Sarah Ross (University of Pittsburgh, US)
"Title TBA"
Greg Scherrer (Stanford University, US)
"Control of Cutaneous Mechanoreceptor Input to the Spinal Cord by Delta Opioid Receptors"
Petra Schweinhardt (McGill University, CA)
"Pain and motivation"
Thomas Tolle (University of Munich, DE)
"Imaging of itch and pain in the human brain"
Uli Zeilhofer (University of Zurich, CH)
"Glycinergic dorsal horn neurons in pain and itch"

10 Apr - 11 Apr 2014

San Francisco
United States of America
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