Drug Metabolism & Discovery ADMET

Welcome to the Drug Metabolism & Discovery ADMET 2014. This is the Second Annual International Meeting after the successful ADME and Toxicology 2013 conference and exhibition in Delhi. This event will focus on ADME Optimization for Drug Discovery.

ADME and Toxicology testing has become one of the most important research activities related to new drug discovery. Ensuring that the drugs make it to the market quicker with higher hit rates thereby saving cost, requires prior indication of human toxicity as well as pharmacokinetics and therefore is of utmost importance.

Since the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are utilizing the newer technologies, Metabolomics & ADME and toxicology screening at early stages of drug discovery and development process has become even more imperative.
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Confirmed Speakers to date:

- Deepak Barot, President & CEO, PBR Private Limited
- Anagha Damre, Senior Group Leader/Head, Piramal Healthcare Ltd
- Girish Gudi, Vice President, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

11 Sep - 11 Sep 2014