Flow Chemistry India

SELECTBIO INDIA is delighted to welcome you all at the 3rd International Conference Flow Chemistry India 2015, to be held under the auspices of the Flow Chemistry Society. The society aims to unite and represent those who are actively working on this rapidly developing field. This meeting is dedicated to the integration of flow chemistry into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.

Agenda Topics:

- Biocatalysis in Flow
- Flow Chemistry for Industrial Scale & API Synthesis
- Flow Reactor Scale up - Issues & Solutions
- Micro & Continuous Flow Reactors & Systems
- Novel Applications of Flow Chemistry
- Process Intensification using Flow Reactors

+ show speakers and program
Keynote Speakers:

Volker Hessel
Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

Oliver Kappe
Professor/Director, Karl Franzens University of Graz

Paul Watts
Professor & Research Chair in Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Processing, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Other Speakers Include:

- Simon Kuhn, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University College London
- Amol Kulkarni, Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory
- Thomas Junkers, Professor, Hasselt University
- Chi-Sheng Wu, Professor, National Taiwan University

22 Jan - 23 Jan 2015

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