Horizons in Molecular Biology

Explore the frontiers of molecular biology at the 11th Horizons in Molecular Biology symposium, 15-18th September 2014, in Göttingen, Germany!


Talks by 20 scientists will let you experience the latest research in the life sciences. Among our speakers will be the two Nobel laureates Ada Yonath (the amazing ribosome) and Sir John Walker (ATP synthesis), the synthetic biology pioneer Jason Chin, Gero Miesenböck as one of the inventors of optogenetics, Ingo Potrykus, the inventor of Golden Rice and Jeff Lichtman, who gave us one of the most beautiful scientific techniques of the last decades – the brainbow.

Discuss with our speakers how to successfully chose and apply for your first post doc position during our panel discussion.

Network with our speakers and interact with them and other participants at social events like the conference party and dinner.

Present your own research in a poster and have the chance to win a poster prize!

Apply for an Awarded Student Talk – if you are selected, we cover all your travel costs and the registration fee for Horizons, plus you get to give a talk about your research during the conference.

Discover opportunities at the Career Fair on the first day of the symposium and develop skills you need in your future career – be it in academia, in industry, in journalism or your own start-up!

Registration is OPEN! The number of participants is limited to 300, so don't hesitate to secure your place!

+ show speakers and program
Keynote Talk:
Ingo Potrykus - The Golden Rice Project

Nobel Lectures:
Ada Yonath (the amazing ribosome)
Sir John Walker (ATP-synthesis)

Circles of Life:
Sara Zanivan (vascular proteomics)
Ingo Potrykus (food security)
Dame Linda Partridge (ageing)
Gero Miesenböck (neural circuits)
Ian Chambers (stem cell biology)

Messages in Life:
Jeff Lichtman (connectomics)
Linda van Aelst (neuronal signaling)
Peter Cresswell (antigen presentation)
Monica Bettencourt-Dias (centrosomes and disease)
Frances Ashcroft (insulin secretion)
Jason Chin (synthetic biology)
Adrian Bird (DNA methylation)

Small Wonders of Life:
Ada Yonath (the amazing ribosome)
Sir John Walker (ATP synthesis)
Taekjip Ha (single molecule fluorescence)
Gabriel Lander (cryo-EM)
Mei Hong (solid-state NMR)

Journey through Life:
Vinzenz Unger (membrane dynamics)
Anne Spang (intracellular transport)
Margaret Liu (DNA vaccines)

15 Sep - 18 Sep 2014

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