Discovery Chemistry Congress

Featuring an array of leading international speakers, this event aims to provide you with an insight into the latest developments in Discovery Chemistry.

Hot topics to be covered include Fragment Based Lead Discovery, DOS and Other Chemistries and Protein-protein Interactions. Attending this event will provide you with excellent opportunities for networking with like minded peers, helping you to find solutions and build collaborations.
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Keynote Speaker:

Adam Nelson
Professor, Leeds University

Other confirmed speakers include:
- Jutta Eichler, Professor, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
- Jonathan Mason, Head/Chief Scientist, Heptares Therapeutics
- Katja Arndt, Professor, University of Potsdam
- Nils Hansen, CEO, Vipergen ApS
- Edward Zartler, President, Quantum Tessera Consul

17 Feb - 18 Feb 2015

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