Advances in Forced Degradation Studies for Pharmaceuticals

Forced degradation testing is now considered important in order to determine the long term stability of any drug in various conditions. This conference provides the latest information in the field of Forced degradation and addresses the protocols, challenges and advances to develop insight from the data of forced degradation studies for drug development.
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Keynote Speaker:
-Saranjit Singh
Professor/Head, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Other confirmed speakers:
R Srinivas, Head, NCMS, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
R Nageswara Rao, Head, Analytical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Agenda Topics:
Characterization of Degradation Products using Mass Spectroscopy
Forced Degradation Studies & Protocols– Industry Perspective
Forced Degradation studies - Significance and Regulatory Requirements
Prediction of Degradation Products
Reaction Mechanisms under different Forced Degradation Conditions

21 Nov - 21 Nov 2014

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