Biodetection & Biosensors

SELECTBIO’s highly successful Biodetection & Biosensors conference is now in its 7th year. This year’s meeting will incorporate aspects of both biodetection and biosensors, a rapidly growing area of science.

Agenda Topics:
- Next Generation Biosensors and Biodetection Techniques
- Nuleic Acid Diagnostic Tests
- Point of Care and Field Ready Pathogen Detection
+ show speakers and program
Confirmed Keynote Speaker:
- Christopher Lowe
Professor, University of Cambridge

Other Confirmed Speakers:
- Till Bachmann, Reader/Chief Operating Officer, University of Edinburgh
- Christian Reis, Research Associate, Fraunhofer IPA
- Marketa Bockova, PhD student, Institute of Photonics and Electronics
- Roshanak Irannejad, PostDoc, UCSF

17 Mar - 18 Mar 2015

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