2015 IMB Conference on DNA Repair & Genome Stability in a Chromatin Environment

The 2015 IMB Conference will explore cutting edge research in the fields of DNA repair and genome stability within chromatin environments.
Next to functions of chromatin remodellers and posttranslational modifications in various DNA repair and damage signalling pathways, the modulation of nuclear dynamics and the relevance of higher-order chromatin for accessibility and damage processing will also be covered.

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Scientific talks will be structured into the following themes:
◾DNA damage signalling and checkpoint activation in chromatin
◾Influence of chromatin on damage processing and repair
◾Replication of chromatin in the presence of DNA damage
◾Chromatin dynamics and remodelling in response to DNA damage

Keynote speakers will be Susan Gasser and Titia Sixma.

4 Jun - 7 Jun 2015
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