Non-Coding RNA: New Mechanisms and Approaches

Emerging new roles of non-coding RNA are transforming biology. Leaders in the field will report on advances in our understanding of RNA in genome stability, immunology, epigenetic inheritance. This meeting will cover a range of systems including protists, invertebrates and mammals. A major focus will be how to translate new RNA mechanisms into new therapeutic approaches.

- lncRNA
- mobile RNA
- RNA and immunity
- RNA memory
- RNA and epigenetic
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Confirmed speakers:
Chuan He (University of Chicago, US)
Alexei Aravin (California Institute of Technology, US)
Alex Bortvin (Carnegie Institution for Science, US)
Shou-Wei Ding (University of California - Riverside, US)
Craig Hunter (Harvard University, US)
Scott Kennedy (University of Wisconsin - Madison, US)
Laura Landweber (Princeton University, US)
Judy Liebermann (Harvard Medical School, US)
Eric Miska (Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, UK)
Oliver Rando (University of Massachusetts Medical School, US)
John Rinn (Harvard University, US)
Frank Slack (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, US)
Kevin Weeks (University of North Carolina, US)

18 May - 19 May 2015

United States of America
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