Frontiers of Cell Signaling

Cell signaling, which is extremely complex and yet highly precise, is responsible for the development and function of multicellular organisms. Abnormal cell signaling leads to diseases. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the mechanisms and functions of signal transduction in many areas of biological studies. We invited experts in several highly active areas, Wnt, planar cell polarity and Hippo signaling, as well as several other major areas of signal transduction, to discuss the latest advances and the new challenges. Additional talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Poster awards will be given to excellent poster presentations by postdoctoral fellows and students. Social and networking opportunities will be included in the meeting program.

- Cell signaling
- Wnt signaling
- Planar cell polarity
- Hippo signaling
+ show speakers and program
Andy McMahon (University of South California, US)
Marek Mlodzik (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US)
Susan Taylor (UCSD, US)
Xin-Hua Feng (Zhejiang University, China)
Kun-Liang Guan (University of California - San Diego, US)
Xi He (Boston Children's Hospital, US)
Jin Jiang (UT South Western Medical Center, US)
Anning Lin (Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, China)
Sheng-Cai Lin (Zhejiang University, China)
Bai Lu (Tsinghua University, China)
Duojia Pan (Johns Hopkins Medical School, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US)
Serge Sokol (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US)
David Strutt (University of Sheffield, UK)
Helen Strutt (University of Sheffield, UK)
Valeri Vasioukhin (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, US)
Xiao-Fan Wang (Duke University, US)
Jeff Wrana (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto, Canada)
Dan Wu (Yale University, US)
Huaxi Xu (Sanford Burnham Institute, US)
Yingzi Yang (NIH, US)
Zengqiang Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)
Zhuohua Zhang (Central South University, Changsha, China)
Yimin Zou (University of California - San Diego, US)

21 Jun - 24 Jun 2015

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