PI3K-like protein kinases

Cellular responses to DNA damage and other forms of cell stress are frequently mediated though a set of phosphoinositol-3-kinase-related kinases, including ATM, ATR, DNA-PK and mTOR. Individually and in combination these kinases control cascades of cell signaling that control such diverse processes as mitosis, DNA replication, DNA repair, protein synthesis, protein degradation and apoptosis. Recent observations have contributed to connect the DNA damage response with non-nuclear events such as metabolic reactions and cytoskeleton dynamics, which are also controlled by phosphoinositol-3-kinase-related kinases. Although some of these kinases are discussed at meetings on DNA damage or other meetings about protein synthesis and degradation, and still others on apoptosis, these topics are almost never gathered under one umbrella.

This meeting will gather together the leading figures studying different PI3K-related kinases with the aim of forging new connections among these usually separate fields.

- DNA damage
- Cell growth
- Apoptosis
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James Haber (Brandeis University, US)
Marco Foiani (IFOM, Italy)
Michael Hall (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Jiri Bartek (Danish Cancer Society, Denmark)
Vincenzo Costanzo (IFOM, Italy)
Claudio De Virgilio (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
David Fruman (University of California - Irvine, US)
Susan Gasser (Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland)
Thanos Halazonetis (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Susan Lees-Miller (University of Calgary, Canada)
Robbie Loewith (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Maria Pia Longhese (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Linda Partridge (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
David Sabatini (Whitehead Institute, US)
Yossi Shiloh (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Cheryl Walker (Texas A&M Health Science Center, US)

3 Nov - 5 Nov 2015

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