Human Nutrition, Environment and Health

: Understanding interactions of nutrition and lifestyle with an individual’s genetic makeup is vital for maintaining health and delaying disease onset. Toward that end, this meeting aims to: 1) Bring together researchers from traditionally separated disciplines: nutrition, (gen)omics, clinics, physiology, epidemiology, analytics, biomathematics; 2) Advance nutrition research as a quantitative, holistic and molecular science; 3) Review/challenge classical pre-clinical models and clinical study designs, incorporating improved translational in vitro and in vivo models, human intervention study designs, and innovative new tools/technologies for molecular phenotyping; and 4) Connect basic science to patient- and consumer-relevant outputs in terms of personalized dietary/nutritional counseling and monitoring/diagnostics. Part of the Keystone Global Health Series supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the conference is organized by Drs. Martin Kussmann of Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Hannelore Daniel of Technische Universität München and Jacqueline Pontes Monteiro of Universidade de São Paulo.
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14 Oct - 18 Oct 2015
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