International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies

Condensed agenda (session titles)

Thursday, March 8, 09.00-18.30 hours
1. Opening ceremony with keynote lectures*
2. Phase 1 studies
3. New technologies and models in drug discovery of targeted agents
4. Cancer stem cells
Poster viewing reception (see below)

Friday, March 9, 08.30-17.30 hours
5. DNA repair beyond PARP
6. Combining targeted agents (novel-novel combinations)
7. Targeted delivery of cancer therapy
8. Miscellaneous drugs and targets (1)

Saturday, March 10, 08.30-15.10 hours
9. Methodological and regulatory issues in development of targeted agents
10. Miscellaneous drugs and targets (2)
11. Epigentic targets
12. Miscellaneous drugs and targets (3)

* Including NDDO Honorary Award Lecture 2012 "Miles to go before we sleep: Fifteen years of targeted therapy development and the path ahead", Elizabeth Eisenhauer, MD, FRCP(C), NCIC Clinical Trials Group, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada.

Poster session titles
P1. Target identification and validation
P2. Preclinical drug profiles
P3. Tyrosine kinase inhibition
P4. Downstream signalling pathways
P5. DNA repair mechanisms
P6. Biomarkers and molecular diagnostics
P7. Drug development methodology
P8. Clinical studies (various drugs and targets)
P9. Targeted drug delivery
+ show speakers and program

8 Mar - 10 Mar 2012
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