Nuclear Receptors: Full Throttle

Nuclear receptors (NRs) represent a large superfamily of ligand-dependent transcription factor “sensors” for a diverse set of fat-soluble hormones, vitamins and dietary lipids. NRs orchestrate genetic response programs critical for normal homeostasis, and are required for reproduction, development, metabolism and immune function. For this reason, NRs have been investigated for over 30 years as promising targets for drugs to treat a broad spectrum of diseases including cancer, diabetes and other endocrine or metabolic disorders, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, inflammation and cholestasis. Research on NRs has led to numerous successful therapies for deadly diseases that have improved both longevity and quality of life. However, significant hurdles remain that involve further detailed understanding of the major gene regulatory networks regulated by NRs, how these differ in normal relative to pre-disease and disease states, and the complex problems associated with targeting tissue-specific effects (to reduce side effects) and circumventing mechanisms of resistance. Thus, further insight into the full range of NR functions and interactions with co-regulatory molecules and signaling pathways is necessary for combinatorial approaches involving NRs in health and disease, and development of next-generation therapies. This meeting on “Nuclear Receptors: Full Throttle” continues the tradition of bringing together a diverse array of our leading scientists, including senior and junior investigators and their trainees, from academic, clinical and pharmaceutical settings, to showcase the latest science, highlight the use of innovative and emerging technologies, explore new directions, and develop collaborative and synergistic efforts in the exciting field of NR biology.

This meeting is being held jointly with the symposium on "Metabolism, Transcription and Disease.

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Transcription and Human Disease (Joint)
Workshop 1: NR Interactions with DNA and The Transcriptional Machinery
From Chromatin to Clinic
Advances in Structures, Ligands, and Energetics
Rapid and Integrated Signaling (Extra-Nuclear) Actions of NRs
Circadian and Metabolic Cycles (Joint)
Nuclear Receptors in Cancer, Gender Benders and Other Advances
Workshop 2: Signal Transduction and NR Actions
NRs as Modulators of Immune Cell Function

10 Jan - 14 Jan 2016
United States of America
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