Drug Metabolism, Celebrating the Future of Drug Metabolism

2012 is the 42nd Drug Metabolism Gordon Conference and will focus on cutting-edge ADME research. The scientific program being developed will include topics such as Predicting drug metabolism using P450 structural information. Other topics include the importance of Environmental factors, such as seasonal variation and our gut genome, on drug metabolism. Time dependent inhibition of drug metabolism will also be covered. New tools for ADME studies such as stem cell derived tissue-specific cells and various Humanized mouse models will also be discussed. Other topic areas include metabolomics linking transporters and drug metabolizing enzymes to new metabolic pathways. A final focus will be new frontiers, new techniques, methodologies, and data analysis. The program will continue to follow the traditional GRC Drug Metabolism format with a Keynote lecture Sunday evening, four morning sessions - each with four speakers, and three evening sessions with three speakers each. The Wednesday evening program will feature a mix of six graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who will deliver oral presentations that are selected from the many outstanding posters submitted. Vice Chair James Mangold will organize the poster sessions and attendees are encouraged to submit posters. As always, this meeting offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and discuss unpublished research, discuss new ideas, and establish collaborations with senior and junior scientists from academia and industry. Of course we will maintain the traditions passed down from generations of Drug Metabolism Gordon Conferences including the historic Tuesday afternoon Academia vs. Industry softball game (bring those gloves!), Monday afternoon tennis and Wednesday afternoon golfing, and there are always hiking and canoeing outings in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. As always housing and all meals are included in the registration fee.
+ show speakers and program
Keynote Presentation: Drug Metabolism: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
(Stephen G. Sligar)
Metabolomics Meets ADME
(Frank Gonzalez / Ian Wilson / Sanjay K. Nigam / Xiaochao Ma / Sabrina M. Ronen)
Predicting Metabolism using Cytochrome P450 Structure
(Steven A. Wrighton / Eric F. Johnson / Emily E. Scott / James R. Halpert)
Environmental and Dietary Factors Affecting Drug Metabolism and Response
(Kenneth Thummel / Mary Paine / Francis Levi / Erik Eliasson / Allan Rettie)
Time Dependent Inhibition
(Andrew Parkinson / Andrew Parkinson / Stephen D. Hall / Scott R. Obach)
Mice with Human Livers or Human ADME Genes for Drug Disposition Studies
(Robert H. Tukey / C. Roland Wolf / Robert van Waterschoot / Robert Tukey / John Bial)
Graduate Student and Post-Doc Presentations
(Henry Strobel)
“Back to the Future”
(John D. Schuetz / Koen van de Wetering / Gerhard Ecker / Irwin Arias)
New Ideas and Technologies
(Tom Rushmore / Rafel Witek / Rick King)

8 Jul - 13 Jul 2012
United States of America
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