Young Microbiologists Symposium on Microbe Signalling, Organisation and Pathogenesis

The Young Microbiologists Symposium is intended to bring together graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to discuss their current research. The symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for junior scientists to present their work and receive constructive feedback, to network with other students, post-docs and young PIs in the field, and hopefully to facilitate future collaborations.

The two-day programme will include three keynote addresses, a set of eight "hot-spot" poster talks and a poster session involving all participants, and opportunities for social interaction.

There will be four seminar sessions, covering the following highly topical areas of prokaryotic molecular microbiology:

Gene regulation and intracellular signalling;
Host-microbe interactions;
Structure, biogenesis and transport across membranes;
Microbe-microbe interactions.
Offered papers will be selected from poster abstracts and will be presented by students or post-docs. Attendees not giving an oral presentation will present a poster on their work.
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Confirmed speakers:

Mervyn Bibb, John Innes Centre, UK
Yves Brun, Indiana University, USA
Rut Carballido-Lopez, INRA Jouy-en-Josas Paris, FR
David Grainger, University of Birmingham, UK
Urs Jenal, University of Basel, CH
Susan Gottesman, National Institutes of Health, USA
Lotte S√łgaard-Andersen, Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, DE
Liz Sockett, University of Nottingham, UK
Miguel Valvano, Queen's University Belfast, UK

2 Jun - 3 Jun 2014
United Kingdom
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