Correlative light electron microscopy

This EMBO Practical Course aims to train young scientists in the available techniques in the field of life science Correlative Light Electron Microscopy.
Students will be given a theoretical overview of the techniques and the rationale behind why a particular method is applied to a scientific question. After that they will get experience of most of the techniques and they will be provided with practical tips and tricks by the experienced teaching staff.
This course aims at having a strong interaction / discussion between the students and the lecturers. Swhere students are encouraged to challenge the techniques, propose alternatives, and discuss how CLEM can be applied to their own specific research questions. To this end a lot of the work will be performed in small groups with a high staff to student ratio (almost 1:1).

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Sunday 6 July: Lectures
Monday 7 July: Lectures + practical work
Tuesday 8 July: practical work
Wednesday 9 July: practical work
Thursday 10 July: practical work
Friday 11 July: practical work + presentations

The workflow of a CLEM experiment consists of 3 main parts: Probes, Processing, and Analysis. We will incorporate all 3 aspects in a series of lectures.
Following this theoretical introduction, a number of CLEM techniques will be demonstrated and worked on practically. These methods include for instance the following techniques:

Live cell imaging
(Cryo) fluorescence microscopy

High Pressure Freezing

Cryo TEM

Immuno labeling


Erik Bos
University of Leiden, NL
Lucy Collinson
LRI, London, UK
Katia Cortese
University of Genova, IT
Mark Ellisman
NCIMR, San Diego, USA
Judith Klumperman
University of Utrecht, NL
Roman Koning
University of Leiden, NL
Bram Koster
University of Leiden, NL

Thomas Müller-Reichert
MTZ, Dresden, DE
Peter O’Toole
University of York, UK
Elena Polishchuk
TIGEM, Naples, IT
Roman Polishchuk
TIGEM, Naples, IT
Yannick Schwab
EMBL, Heidelberg, DE
Paul Verkade
University of Bristol, UK

6 Jul - 11 Jul 2014
United Kingdom
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