The British Society for Immunology Inflammation Affinity Group, in conjuction with the Manchester Immunology Group, will be hosting an international conference on inflammation and its contribution to disease, at the University of Manchester.

This meeting will consist of three sessions over two days, featuring presentations by 12 internationally leading researchers to promote discussions on fundamental concepts of inflammation biology and its roles in disease, with particular focus on mucosal surfaces and the brain. In addition, the programme will include oral and poster presentations by conference attendants, to be selected from the abstracts submitted.
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Day 1: Tuesday 09 September 2014

12:30 - Registration and Coffees

14:00 - Session 1: General Mechanisms of Inflammation
Professor Luke O'Neill, (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) New Frontiers in Inflammation Research
Professor Lalita Ramakrishnan, (University of Washington, USA) Innate Immunity and tuberculosis in zebra fish
Professor Adriano Rossi, (University of Edinburgh) - Resolution of inflammation
2 additional selected abstracts

17:00 - Welcome and introduction to plenary by Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell
Professor Richard Flavell, (Yale School of Medicine, USA) Mechanisms of innate immunity
Wine Reception
Day 2: Wednesday 10 September 2014

09:00 - Session 2: Barrier inflammation
Professor Yasmine Belkaid, (National institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases, US) Infection and skin and gut inflammation
Professor Tracy Hussell, (University of Manchester, UK) Resolutionof lung inflammation
1 additional selected abstract
Professor Fiona Powrie, (University of Oxford ) Commensal bacteria and gut inflammation
Professor Dr Mathias Hornef, (University of Hannover, Germany) The active role of the intestinal epithelium in the host-microbial interaction during homeostasis and infectious disease
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12:00 - Lunch and Posters

14:00 - Session 3: Brain Inflammation
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, (University of Manchester, UK) Acute brain injury and inflammation

Professor Britta Engelhardt, (University of Bern, Switzerland) Leukocyte recruitment to the brain
1 additional selected abstract
Professor Dr Alexander Flugel, (Univerity of Goettingen, Germany) Visualizing different checkpoints of autoaggressive T cell infiltration into the CNS
Professor Steve Anderton, (University of Edinburgh) Protective T cell responses in autoimmune CNS inflammation
1 additional selected abstract
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9 Sep - 10 Sep 2014
United Kingdom
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