Cell Death

Cell death is a fundamental biological process, universally required for normal development and firmly established in the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of many diseases. This Gordon Conference will explore the frontiers of Cell Death research, with themes that focus on newly discovered molecules, pathways and mechanisms that specify active forms of cell death in health and disease. The Conference will feature talks and poster presentations on a wide range of topics that span apoptotic signaling networks (e.g. caspase control, Bcl-2 family proteins, mitochondrial dynamics) and non-canonical cell death pathways, including necrosis and autophagy. Invited speakers are recruited from a variety of scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, genetics, structural biology, cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience and immunology. The Conference will gather established experts who are leaders in the field together with junior scientists, postdocs and graduate students to share discoveries and exchange ideas. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. The intimate format and collegial atmosphere of this Conference is designed to enable brainstorming and promote collaborations.
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Keynote Presentations: Reminiscence on a Diversion into Cell Death and Bcl-2 Family Proteins: Location, Relocation, Translocation
(Martin Raff / Richard Youle)
Death Pathways and Networks
(Vishva M. Dixit / Avi Ashkenazi / Seamus J. Martin / Doug Green / Sally Kornbluth)
Death Effectors and Effective Engineering
(Shigekazu Nagata / James A. Wells / Kodi Ravichandran / Guy Salvesen)
Bcl2 Proteins and the Mitochondriome
(Doug Green / David Andrews / Jean-Claude Martinou / Loren Walensky / Emily Cheng)
Cells Getting RIPed
(Domagoj Vucic / Xiadong Wang / Junying Yuan / Pascal Meier / Hao Wu)
Noncanonical Death Pathways
(Beth Levine / Michael Overholtzer / Valina Dawson / Christine J. Watson / Vishva M. Dixit)
Disease Mechanisms
(Gerry Melino / J. Marie Hardwick / Andreas Strasser / Andreas Villunger / Maya Saleh)
Oncogenic Connections
(Karen Vousden / Laura Attardi / Marcus Peter / Guido Kroemer)
Clinical Translation and Therapeutics
(Huseyin Mehmet / Vishva M. Dixit / Henning Walczak / Marc Tessier-Lavigne)

15 Jul - 20 Jul 2012
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