Mechanisms of Innate Immunity, Cell Death and Inflammation

The International Symposium on Mechanisms of Innate Immunity, Cell Death and Inflammation (ICDI symposium) wants to bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss their latest findings on the various aspects of the innate immune system. The Conference will gather established experts who are leaders in the field together with junior scientists, postdocs and graduate students to share discoveries and exchange ideas. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. Abstracts are invited from the international community for all these topics.

Specific themes that will be covered include:

Pattern recognition receptors
cell death mechanisms
host-microbe interactions
interactions with adaptive immunity
pathophysiology in inflammatory diseases

The conference has limited participation to ensure an intimate format and collegial atmosphere that will maximize brainstorming and scientific interchange.
+ show speakers and program
Confirmed speakers

Douglas Green, St Jude, Memphis, USA

Vishva Dixit, Genentech, San Francisco, USA

Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, St Jude, Memphis, USA

Mo Lamkanfi, VIB-UGhent, Belgium

Peter Vandenabeele, VIB-UGhent, Belgium

Manolis Pasparakis, University of Cologne, Germany

Seamus Martin, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Tilmann Burckstrummer, Haplogen, Austria

Venizelos Papayannopoulos, MRC, UK

Geert van Loo, VIB-UGhent, Belgium

25 Sep - 26 Sep 2014

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