Agenda Topics:
Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration (AD/PD)
Biomarkers in Neurological Diseases
Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatric Diseases
Biomarkers: Technical Considerations and Applications in Drug Development
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Keynote Speakers:
- Alain Gool
Head, TNO Innovation for Life

- Andreas Jeromin
President & CSO, Atlantic Biomarkers

- Declan Jones
Neuroscience Therapeutic Area Lead, J&J London Innovation Centre

- Thomas Joos
Deputy Managing Director, Natural Medical Sciences Institute

- Michael J. O'Neill
Senior Research Advisor, Head of Neurodegeneration Group, Eli Lilly & Co

Confirmed Speakers:
Ian Pike, COO, Proteome Sciences PLC
Sabine Bahn, Director, University of Cambridge
Andrea Malaspina, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
John Allinson, Head of Biomarker Strategy, LGC
Jill Richardson, Director, External Alliances and Development, R&D China, GlaxoSmithKline
Brit Mollenhauer, Head of Clinical Research, Paracelsus-Elena-Klinik
Katrin Marcus, Professor, Ruhr-University Bochum
Claude Wischik, Executive Chairman & Co Founder, TauRx Therapeutics Ltd
Alan Palmer, CSO, MS Therapeutics
Martin Turner, Consultant Neurologist, Oxford MND Centre Co-Director, Oxford University
Emilio Pich, Head of Clinical Imaging, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Christian Foerch, Head of the Cerebrovascular Research Group at the Department of Neurology, Goeth University
Paul Edison, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Imperial
Kim Henriksen, Head of Musculoskeletal Diseases, NORDIC BIOSCIENCE, BIOMARKERS & RESEARCH
Rachael Scahill, Senior Researcher, UCL

8 Jul - 9 Jul 2014

United Kingdom
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