VIBes in Bioscience 2014: international PhD symposium

Hi fellow doctoral students,

We are happy to invite you to “VIBes in Biosciences 2014”, a symposium which aims to bring together PhD candidates from different areas in life sciences. This symposium wants to stimulate networking, while enjoying talks of renown speakers and acquiring new skills through the workshops. VIBes offers you a range of excellent speakers from Nobel prize winners to cartoonists (PhD comics).

The registration is now open for all international students. Register now, as we have limited places that we allocate based on the “first come, first served” principle! Moreover, the first 50 international PhD students come for free! For these students, attending and lodging is free and travelling gets reimbursed up to €250. All other students enjoy significantly reduced registration fees until 01/06/2014. The final registration deadline is 31/07/2014.

The symposium will take place from 17 to 19 September 2014 in the Horta art-nouveau venue in Antwerp, Belgium. The symposium offers an exciting scientific program with topics that concern every doctoral student. In addition, workshops provide hands-on practicals on key skills to help PhD candidates during their studies. For the international students, hostels get arranged by the VIBes organizing committee.

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With kind regards,

The VIBes 2014 Organizing Committee

+ show speakers and program
Wednesday 17th of September
Afternoon of workshops to develop your skills
13.30 Parallel sessions I
How to stay sane during your PhD?
How to be a Scientist 2.0?
What is the societal value of a PhD?
How to get your research published?

15.00 Parallel sessions II
How to stay sane during your PhD?
How to be a Scientist 2.0?
What is the societal value of a PhD?
How to get your research published?

17.00 Plenary session
by Jean-Luc Doumont on Persuasion

Thursday 18th of September

Morning session -- Context is everything
-Krystyna Dabrowska (cross-talk between bacteriophages and their mammalian hosts)
-Peter Friedl (T-cell and cancer cell migration, live-cell microscopy, cellular locomotion, metastasis, cell-matrix interactions)
-Christine Petit (human hereditary deafness, cochlear development)

Afternoon session -- Successful minds
-Seth Masters (inflammation, cancer, chronic disease, Nod-Like Receptors (NLRs), innate immunity, inflammasome, IL-1ß, IL-18)
-Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize Laureat, cell-cycle, cyclin, mitosis, cyclin-dependent kinases)
-Boris Nikolai Konrad (memory training, neuroscience, neuroimaging, MemoryXL, mnemonic techniques, learning techniques, human brain)

Evening session: Light snacks and Networking

Friday 19th of September

Morning session -- Engineering the future
-Marc Post (tissue engineering, stemcell hamburger, vascular physiology, angiogenesis, collateral formation and vascular healing,remodeling after arterial injury, in vitro meat)
-Gabor Forgacs (biophysics, multicellular aggregation and structuring, bioprinting, tissue engineering with 3D printers)
-Emmanuelle Charpentier (molecular biology of infection, RNA regulation, CRISPR-Cas, bacterial pathogenesis)

Afternoon session -- Resetting the clock
-Howy Jacobs (mitochondrial DNA replication and expression, aging, EMBO, neurological disease)
-Martin Hanczyc (role of membranes and minerals in the origin of life, protocells, creation of life, primitive living cells and chemical examples of artificial life)
-Andreas Wagner (simulation of developmental and evolutionary processes of genetic regulatory networks, computational evolutionary biology, Robustness and Evolvability in Living Systems, Wagner’s gene network model)
-Aubrey de Grey (aging, senescence, gerontology, rejuvenation)

Closing speaker: Jorge Cham of PhD Comics

Followed by dinner and party!

17 Sep - 19 Sep 2014
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