Brain Energy Metabolism & Blood Flow

Brain blood flow and metabolism are vital to the normal mammalian nervous system and provides the basis for functional imaging. Over the last decade, dramatic progress has been made in molecular biology, biophysics and genetics that impact our understanding of brain energy metabolism, neural organization, cell signaling and vascular regulation. In addition, new technologies have emerged to measure blood flow and metabolism with high spatial and temporal resolution. The stage is set to use the methodological progress to address fundamental issues related to the organization of brain function, blood flow and metabolic activity. We anticipate that progress in this field will drive new discoveries in the experimental and clinical neurosciences and impact diagnosis and treatment of stroke and other neurodegenerative disorder. The biannual Gordon Research Conference is devoted to presentations of frontline research of brain metabolism, cell signaling, cell-cell interactions and vascular regulation in the normal and injured brain. The conference is a unique opportunity for experts and newcomers alike to exchange state-of-the-art advances in methodology and concepts, as well as outline promising avenues for collaborative research. For the 5th GRC on Brain Energy Metabolism and Blood Flow, the overall general theme turns around oxygen, blood flow and mitochondria in normal and pathological brain function.
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Metabolic Aspects of Neuroprotection and Conditioning
(Costantino Iadecola / Miguel Perez-Pinzon / Sarah Milton)
Tissue Stress and Oxygen Availability
(Howard Prentice / Tony Lee / Keith Webster / Goran Nilsson)
(Jaroslaw Aronowski / Sunghee Cho / John Hallenbeck)
Ischemia-induced Organelle Damage in Mitochondria, Golgi and the ER and the Consequences of Organelle Dysfunction and Metabolism in Postischemic Brain
(Gary Fiskum / Bingren Hu / Frank Sharp / Midori Yenari)
Energy Substrate Metabolism
(Michelle Puchowicz / Jaime Ross / Ursula Sonnewald)
Near Infrared Spectroscopy and EPR Technical Advances and Clinical Applications
(Martin Wolf / Clare Elwell / Turgut Durduran / Jim Liu)
Control of Vascular Resistance in the Brain
(Robert Bryan / Marilyn Cipolla / Sean Marelli)
Energy Metabolism & Microcirculation in Cerebral Ischemia & Spinal Cord Injury
(Gary Rosenberg / R. Christian Crumrine / Juan Carlos Chavez / Richard Benton)
Keynote Presentation: Gas Channels
(Walter F. Boron)

12 Aug - 17 Aug 2012
United States of America
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