Systems Biology of Lipid Metabolism

Due to enormous functional and structural diversity of lipids as well as because of their complex regulation at multiple spatial and temporal scales, lipids need to be studied not only at the level of biological pathways but also at the level of the biophysical systems they are part of including cellular membranes or lipoprotein particles. This meeting brings together a highly interdisciplinary outstanding group of scientists including biochemists, molecular and cellular biologists, clinical researchers and computational biologists and addresses recent progress and perspectives in the studies of lipids as related to: 1) Cellular, as well as, systemic lipid metabolism; 2) Computational modeling of lipids; and 3) Role of lipids in the pathogenesis of several complex diseases including metabolic, immune and central nervous system disorders as well as cancer.
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biochemistry, systems biology, metabolic diseases, cell biology

9 Feb - 13 Feb 2015
United States of America
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