While tremendous progress has been made in understanding epigenetic regulation of gene expression in the nervous system, we have yet to learn how neural epigenome responds to positive (such as learning experiences, enriched environment, encouragement, affection) and negative (such as defeat, trauma, deprivation) signals as a whole and at the individual gene level, and how the epigenome is regulated at the molecular level. This knowledge is important to further understand normal brain development, plasticity and function and how the epigenome becomes malfunctioned in diseases.This conference brings together experts and pioneers in studying neuroepigenetics to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of epigenetic mechanisms in neural development, reprogramming and cell identity, plasticity, neuronal function and dysfunction.
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neurobiology, genetics, genomics, neurosciences, molecular biology

22 Feb - 26 Feb 2015
Santa Fe
United States of America
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