Hybrid Methods in Structural Biology

As we study the structure and dynamics of more and more complex systems to better understand their biological function, each individual technology in the structural biology toolbox approaches its limitations. Only at the intersection of several techniques does it become possible to distinguish information that is biologically relevant from perturbations introduced by any individual approach. Moving forward, hybrid methods and integrated methods in structural biology play a key role in studying complex systems verifying each other?s results. The objective of this meeting is two-fold: 1) To discuss novel and potentially disruptive technologies and/or combinations thereof to be added to the hybrid methods toolbox; and 2) To illustrate and discuss application of hybrid methods to important biological systems.
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membrane proteins, proteins, glycoproteins, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology

4 Mar - 8 Mar 2015
Tahoe City
United States of America
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