Transcriptional and Epigenetic Influences on Stem Cell States

This conference brings together researchers who strive to: 1) Describe transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that control specific stem cell behaviors; 2) Generate predictive models of stem cell fate determination; 3) Delineate the influence of cell cycle and signaling on stem cell state; and 4) Understand mechanisms governing cell fate change, including differentiation, reprogramming and transdifferentiation. The knowledge exchanged at the meeting will accelerate the optimization of existing stem cell technologies (e.g., iPSC) and catalyze entirely novel approaches to manipulating stem cells for studying and treating disease.
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stem cells, development, transcription, translation, expression, molecular biology, systems biology, cell biology, morphogenesis, chromatin structure and function

23 Mar - 28 Mar 2015
Steamboat Springs
United States of America
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