Neural Control of Metabolic Physiology and Diseases

The central nervous system, including the hypothalamus in particular, is important for the control of energy balance and metabolic homeostasis. From a disease perspective, dysregulation of these processes appears to be crucial for the development and progression of the metabolic syndrome. This symposium brings together breaking research advances from both the basic science and translational realms, including new knowledge of neural circuits, plasticity and signaling, as well as insights into roles for hypothalamic/brain pathways in disease development. Also importantly, several new areas are addressed, including state-of-art technologies for neuroscience research, adult neural stem cells, neural degeneration, microglia, aging, and related alterations of metabolic resilience.
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metabolic diseases, neurobiology, neuroscience, metabolism, obesity, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, neuropharmacology, signaling

12 Apr - 17 Apr 2015
United States of America
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