Hippo Pathway: Signaling, Development and Disease

The Hippo signaling pathway is a relatively novel signaling network that controls organ size, stem cell activity, and tumorigenesis. The emerging paradigm in the field indicates that the Hippo pathway is a central sensor of multiple biological inputs, including cell adhesion, polarity, mechanical forces, and secreted ligands. The specific goals of this conference are to: 1) Identify and integrate evolutionary conserved inputs that control this cascade; 2) Define the transcriptional targets of the pathway that drive growth; 3) Understand the roles of Hippo in the physiology of multiple tissues; and 4) Define targets for chemical inhibitors and activators within pathway components. The meeting brings together Drosophila geneticists, basic and clinical cancer researchers, and the developmental and stem cell research community.
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basic mechanisms, cancer, cell biology, adhesion and migration, organ systems, development, growth factors, stem cells

17 May - 21 May 2015
United States of America
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