Stem Cells and Metabolism

This Abcam sponsored meeting seeks to bring together researchers working in the fields of stem cells and metabolism for a 2 day intensive meeting to highlight the ways in which these two fields are rapidly converging. The meeting will be organized into sessions that will cover basic metabolic processes, fundamental aspects of stem cell biology, as well as aging and diseases of aging. The aim of the meeting is to engender discussions on how metabolic changes within stem cells can influence maintenance, proliferation, survival and the onset of differentiation, as well as how metabolic pathways can alter local and systemic environments, which ultimately impact stem cell behavior and tissue homeostasis.

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Invited speakers

•Ann Brunet (Stanford University, US)
•Amy Wagers (Harvard University, US)
•Carl Thummel (University of Utah, US)
•Ana-Maria Cuervo (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, US)
•Utpal Banerjee (UCLA, US)
•Ronald DePinho (Dana-Farber Institute, US)
•Henri Jasper (University of Rochester, US)
•Dan Gottschling (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, US)
•Marcia Haigis (Harvard University, US)
•Norbert Perrimon (Harvard University, US)
•Sean Morrison (UT-Southwestern, US)
•Pere Puigserver (Harvard University, US)
•Toshio Suda (Keio University, Japan)

5 Nov - 6 Nov 2012
La Jolla
United States of America
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