Chromatin: from structure to epigenetics

This exciting 2-day conference will link chromatin structure with epigenetics. The aim is to use chromatin structure and dynamics as foundations to understand epigenetics. The first session will be devoted to structural aspects covering the main biochemical and biophysical aspects of chromatin structure. The second session will "bridge" these two areas, and focus on studies using chromatin structure/dynamics to explain epigenetic phenomena. Session 3 will concentrate on epigenetic phenomena in vivo.

With this meeting we will build a bridge between chromatin structure and epigenetics - two key pillars of modern biology.

Our aims:

•Encourage plenty of discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. In particular initiate discussions about chromatin structure and dynamics as foundations for understanding epigenetics
•Provide a unique opportunity for students and post-docs to participate and present their own data
•Inspire new collaborations and investigations within this ever growing field of research

+ show speakers and program
Keynote speaker

Danny Reinberg (NYU, US)
Molecular mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance

Invited speakers and discussion leaders

•Peter Becker (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Germany)
Chromosome structure and function: the case of the male X in flies

•Colyn Crane-Robinson (University of Portsmouth, UK)
Discussion leader

•Edith Heard (Institut Curie, France)
Chromosome and chromatin dynamics during X-chromosome inactivation

•Tony Kouzarides (Gurdon Institute, UK)
Epigenetic pathways as targets in cancer

•Rob Martienssen (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, US)
Copying and spreading heterochromatin with RNA interference

•Jane Mellor (University of Oxford, UK)
Gene regulation through bi-directional transcripts units in yeast

•Tom Owen-Hughes (University of Dundee, UK)
Strategies for organising chromatin

•Eran Segal (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Unraveling the role of chromatin in gene regulation using thousands of designed promoter sequences

•Azim Surani (Gurdon Institute, UK)
Epigenetic reprogramming in the mammalian germ line

•Jean Thomas (University of Cambridge, UK)
HMGB1, H1, and HP1: modulators of chromatin structure

•Bryan Turner (University of Birmingham, UK)
Discussion leader
•Jerry Workman (Stowers Institute, US)
Histone modification and chromatin assembly during transcription elongation

•Joern Walter (Saarland University, Germany)
Discussion leader

26 Jun - 27 Jun 2012
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