Apoptosis and Cancer

A failure of cells to undergo apoptosis is a common feature of many cancers. During the last 20 years, work in many laboratories has led to the identification and understanding of many of the key players involved in apoptosis. This conference will highlight recent developments in our current understanding of the cellular role of some of these proteins as well as how our knowledge of the basic cellular apoptotic pathways is being used to develop targeted cancer chemotherapeutic agents. Particular attention will be paid to novel agents that are currently in development or early clinical trials to exploit our understanding of the Bcl-2 family, the p53 family, death receptors and inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs). Discussion sessions will involve members from academia as well as industry.

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Invited speakers

•David Andrews (MacMaster University, Canada)

•Vishva Dixit (Genentech, US)

•Gerard Evan (University of Cambridge, UK)

•Anthony Letai (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, US)

•Jean Claude Martinou (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

•Pascal Meier (Institute of Cancer Resesarch, UK)

•Gerry Melino (MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester, UK)

•Dale Porter (Novartis, US)

•Meike Vogler (University of Leicester, UK)

•Karen Vousden (The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, UK)

•Domagoj Vucic (Genentech, US)

•Henning Walczak (Imperial College London, UK)

•David Wallach (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

14 Jun - 15 Jun 2012
United Kingdom
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