The Pharma Business Development Course - An Overview Course

The Pharma Business Development Course has proven to be a very successful introductory course for two categories of executives:

Mid- to senior level executives in small pharma and biotech companies with limited formal training in business development but whose role increasingly involves business development activities.
Junior to mid-level managers contributing to the business development process in the headquarters of midsize and big pharma companies (e.g. technology assessment, business intelligence…) who need a better understanding of the complete business development process.

Managers in local marketing organizations with responsibility for business development in national markets will also benefit but they should be aware that the course content is geared towards international licensing and acquisition BD responsibilities.
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The course starts on day 1 at 09:30h with a welcome coffee and ends on day 2 at 17:00h.

Day 1

Welcome & General Introduction

Why "Business Development"?
What does the role entail?
Scope of this course.

Profiling the Opportunities that will be Successful for your Company

Defining the playing field: external & internal parameters.
Using the "Numerical SWOT" to quantify and differentiate BD opportunities and gain insight.
Discriminating between opportunities in relationship to your company's capabilities using a "Gap analysis" technique.
Zooming-in on the ideal "Opportunity Anatomy" that should drive the search process.

Searching for the Right Candidate(s)

The process.
The main sources.
The search selection criteria.
Using the "Evaluation Array " to drive go/no go decisions.

Valuing the Opportunity

Deciding on the assumptions & parameters that should underpin your forecasts: should your forecasts be market based?... epidemiology based?... pharmaco-economically based?...product-lifecycle based?...
The pitfalls in forecasting and the power of the "Prophecy" concept.
A review and discussion of merits & fallacies of traditional models: NPV, IRR, Black Scholes, Monte-Carlo Risk Analysis and Genetic Algorithms.


Day 2

Valuing the Opportunity (contd.)

Risk & Return: the keys to valuation

Deciding on the Best Deal Structure

Overview and pros & cons of different deal structures: JVs, licensing, M&A, etc.
Discussion and analysis of successful cases as well as failures.
Which model fits your company situation best?

Negotiating the Deal

Key elements of the "Term Sheet".
Effective negotiation planning: key success factors in the process.
The power of the "Anchoring" technique.
Dos & don'ts during negotiation meetings.

Financial & Legal Success Factors / Considerations

The final contract: what it should include to avoid problems.
Dispute resolution.

Learning methodology

Martin Austin optimally balances theory with short exercises and numerous anecdotes that illustrate the theory. The strength of this course lies in providing a comprehensive overview of the business development process, illustrated by many examples from Martin's vast experience, as well as the many checklists and decision support techniques & tools that can be used in each step.

Meet the expert: Martin Austin

Martin Austin has a strong reputation in Europe’s senior (bio)pharma business development community. His profile uniquely combines the expertise and experience of a high profile pharma business development executive with that of a senior life science capital investment officer.

Between 1996 and 2000 Martin was Roche’s global Head of Business Development for Pharmaceuticals. During that period he had a leading role in the establishment of Roche Genetics, the rationalization of the R&D portfolio which led to the establishment of Actelion, Basilea and BioXell, as well as in the acquisition and integration of Boehringer Mannheim. After that, until January 2005, he was a Principal with Paul Capital Partners, a global private equity firm, leading their European Royalty healthcare activities. In 2005, Martin founded TransformRx to provide business advice to clients regarding investment and business development opportunities.

Martin is also a faculty member of the “European Course for BioBusiness Development” at the University of Basel. In addition, he is the author of Business Development for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry (Gower Publishing, May 2008).


4-5 June 2012, Zurich
4-5 October 2012, Brussels
12-13 December 2012, London

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Venue & Accommodation

4-5 June 2012, Zurich

This course takes place at the Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel, which is situated close to Zurich Airport.

Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel
Hohenbuehlstrasse 10
Opfikon-Glattbrugg 8152
Tel: +41-44-828-5050
Fax: +41-44-828-5151

We have secured preferential room rates at this hotel for our delegates. Registering three weeks or more prior to the course will secure your room at a preferential rate. Upon your registration, C.E.L.forpharma will send you a Hotel Accommodation Sheet to complete and send back.
Do not hesitate to contact Marie Stricklesse, Senior Programme Coordinator, if you need assistance in this matter. (; tel +32(0)27092241)

4-5 October 2012, Brussels

These courses take place at the Sheraton Airport Hotel & Conference Center which is situated opposite Brussels National Airport, literally at 2 minutes' walking distance from the arrival hall.

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel
Brussels National Airport
1930 Zaventem
Tel: +32 (0) 2 710 80 00
Fax: +32 (0) 2 710 80 80

We have secured preferential room rates at this four-star hotel for our delegates. Registering three weeks or more prior to the course will secure your room at a preferential rate. Upon your registration, C.E.L.forpharma will send you a Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel Accommodation Sheet to complete and send back.
Do not hesitate to contact Marie Stricklesse, Senior Programme Coordinator, if you need assistance in this matter. (; tel +32(0)27092241)

12-13 December 2012, London

This course takes place at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow hotel which is located approximately 5 minutes by car from Heathrow Airport.

Radisson Edwardian Heathrow
140 Bath Road
Hayes Middlesex UB3 5AW
Tel: + 44 (0)20 8759 6311
Fax: + 44 (0)20 8759 4559

We have secured preferential room rates at this hotel for our delegates. Registering three weeks or more prior to the course will secure your room at a preferential rate. Upon your registration, C.E.L.forpharma will send you a Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Hotel Accommodation Sheet to complete and send back.
Do not hesitate to contact Marie Stricklesse, Senior Programme Coordinator, if you need assistance in this matter. (; tel +32(0)27092241)

Registration fee

Group discounts are offered as of 3 or more registrations from the same company.
Do not hesitate to contact Annelies Swaan, Senior Marketing Associate,
(; tel +32 (0)2 709 22 39) for more information.

4-5 June 2012 Course, Zurich (PBD-20)
Registration before 20 April 2012
Registration after 20 April 2012

4-5 October 2012 Course, Brussels (PBD-21)
Registration before 17 August 2012
Registration after 17 August 2012

12-13 Dec. 2012 Course, London (PBD-22)
Registration before 26 October 2012
Registration after 26 October 2012
* (VAT excl.)

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Testimonials of The Pharma Business Development Course

“Excellent course which will help persons within Business Development be aware of pitfalls, best practices and critical success factors. Well done and thank you”

Jacques Mare, Business Intelligence and Business Development Manager, Pfizer – South-Africa (December 2011)

"Excellent course to get an overview of the business development process and related challenges."

Olivier Langrene, Business Development Manager, Pfizer - Belgium (December 2011)

"A comprehensive set of information and resources to use at the beginning of my career in business development."

Luca Romagnoli, Business Development, Areta International - Italy (December 2011)

"Very useful and practical tools for the process of BD organizations."

Olga Trushina, Director of Marketing, LCC INVAR - Russia (December 2011)

"The course met my expectations and created new ones. Martin is really good and a very seasoned BD&L professional"

Jean-Pierre Latere, Business Development Director, Cardio3 BioSciences – Belgium (December 2011)

"If you are supposed to get useable insights in Business Development and deal-making as fast and complete as possible, this is your course."

Sergio Hernandez Aresti, Business Development Director, Merck KGaA – Mexico (September 2011)

"Highly recommended for early stage companies to prepare for future partnerships"

Tomas Eriksson, CEO, A1M Pharma – Sweden (September 2011)

"It is a great opportunity to get insight to Martin's comprehensive experience in Business Development, as well as a superb networking opportunity with Business Developers all over the world."

Lev Kogon, Business Development & Licensing Manager, Bayer Schering Pharma – Russia (September 2011)

"This is a brief overview of various and wide aspects of business development in pharmaceuticals. As the topic is broad and major business areas are concerned, the course really does the maximum for 2 days: a snapshot and food for thought for both a new person and the one who believes he's experienced."

Maria Klimenko, Business Development Manager, Eli Lilly – Russia (May 2011)

"I liked the course very much. It consists of both practical information and a lot of theory. And of course, Martin is a great presentator!"

Lubov Gladysheva, Business Development & Licensing Manager, Bayer Schering Pharma – Russia (May 2011)

"Excellent 360° view to BD"

Joannah Huntley-Commere, Licensing & Alliance Management Team Assistant, Galderma – France (May 2011)

"Very entertaining course lead by a very knowledgeable person. Many examples of the real deals / situations."

Hanna Kleczkowska, Senior Manager Business Development, Helsinn – Switzerland (May 2011)

"A good holistic introduction to business development. Good hints for beginners."

Ana Diaz-Marquina, Global Business Unit Leader Emerging Franchises, Janssen – Belgium (May 2011)

“We finished Martin's BD course today and we're all very impressed. Martin gave us full two days of ideas, thoughts and considerations of how to improve our performance. He is such a wonderful and captivating person - not only did we learn a lot but also had great fun in learning!”

Eliisa Latva-Kiskola, Business Development Manager, Verman – Finland (May 2011)

"Martin Austin is an expert orator and a very influential speaker. This course helped me to get an overview of pharma business development, exactly what I was looking for."

Shameer Kustagi, Clinical Data Manager, Novo Nordisk – Denmark

"Very good introductory course for Business Development. The instructor was very good, he touched upon all major sections of BD."

Lena Ohannesian, Director Program Management, Janssen Pharmaceutica - USA

“It is a great course to provide an overview of the BD process for newly appointed BD people.”

Patrick Benz, Senior Director Licensing & New Business Development, Janssen-Cilag – Switzerland

“Martin was really great and the organization excellent, one of the best I have seen in the past few years, thanks a lot!”

Marc Welz, Senior Director, Head of Unit Base Products, Abbott - Switzerland

“This is a great overview course that I will recommend to colleagues. I would have liked a 3rd day though to allow more time for discussion.”

Jonathan Barrett, Head of Commercial Strategy, ASCI, GSK - USA

“Overall a very good course. Besides from having expert-level experience, Martin Austin is highly entertaining and interesting to listen to. I would have liked more depth on some parts though (e.g. forecasting and valuation). Legal points were highly relevant!.”

Eugenio Grapa, Program Realization Office Manager, Emerging Markets, MSD – Germany

“You managed not only to provide a good overview, however also details and actual tools … and that in 2 days!”

Thomas Hibbits, Diagnostics Biomarker Operations Leader, Roche Diagnostics – Switzerland

“Excellent overview course! Martin Austin has a wealth of knowledge and long-standing experience in various areas of pharma business development.”

Helen Baron, Former Associate Director, Clinical Development - Switzerland

“A well thought through and planned event from logistics through to course content. Martin Austin has a dynamic presentation style with the appropriate level of interaction. Not only does his programme perfectly balance theory with practical examples from his own experience, Martin is also able to answer specific questions!”

Kruti Popat, Business Intelligence Director, Takeda – UK

“This is a very good overview of what BD encompasses in terms of activities, techniques, etc., illustrated with many real life examples. This is the basis for solid project planning”

Dominique Janbon, Director International Expansion, Amgen – Switzerland

“A good introduction to business development with an engaging and knowledgeable expert.”

John Ivory, Associate Director, Sales & Marketing Operations, Genzyme – UK

"A very interesting and engaging course. It highlights all the key elements of BD deals in pharma"

Romain Lasry, Senior Consultant, Datamonitor - UK

"The Pharma Business Development Course is a very well structured course that gives you an all-around view of the main issues business development executives have to tackle in their positions. The course is taught by an excellent trainer with substantial relevant experience in the field and the capacity to bring across his knowledge in a very amenable way."

Claudia Jiménez, Director Business Development, Cellerix - Spain

"By attending The Pharma Business Development Course, you get a very detailed overview of the BD business."

Blanca Esteban, Manager Business Development, Cantabria Pharma – Spain

"Martin Austin is an experienced presenter. It was a well organised and interesting course."

Paloma Martinez, Director Regulatory and Business development, Cantabria Pharma – Spain

"The Pharma Business Development Course has delivered what I hoped to get: a condensate view of the pharma business world, with a full list of specific, critical needs to secure successfully opportunities and deal negotiation."

Paola Principe, Global Project Leader, Ipsen - France

"Good overview of the business development role."

Jorge Lopez, Business Intelligence, Casen Fleet - Spain

"Having a pure technical background, I did realize Business Development function requires multi-disciplinary skills such as financial, negotiation, legal, IP, anticipation but also a good flair to identify new technologies, new drugs, start-up companies... that can add significantly value to a business. No doubt, Martin is the "jack of all the trades" man to give such a course. Having the theoretical part illustrated by numerous real-life deals examples is a great benefit."

Jerome Aubert, Formulation Development Manager, Bayer Consumer Care - France

"Martin is clearly an expert in the field and has the ability to keep the audience focussed. He went through a lot of information in a fun way."

Cibele Sabido-David, Business Development Manager, Newron - Italy

"Martin gave an excellent presentation from his vast experience in business development. From opportunity profiling to deal making process - it's a "must" for all the business development beginners!"

Masaki Wakabayashi, Portfolio & Business Development Manager, AstraZeneca - Japan

"A relevant and harsh overview of the Business Development Process by a highly experienced and skilled person, enlivened with recent examples. This brings you added value!"

Jacqueline Gijsberts, Global Manufacturing Business Development, Schering-Plough - The Netherlands

"Very lively presentation of Martin. Very good explanation how to profile, search and find a drug compound or technology you are looking for and that would fit into your strategy"

Gabriele Halfmann, Senior Manager Scientific Affairs, Baxter AG - Austria

"It was really a very helpful course that provided a good understanding of the key elements of deal making. Martin’s long experience in this business, having executed significant and successful deals, makes listening to him an exciting adventure. He is not only impressive as a teacher but also a perfect entertainer! I left the course with a number of concrete actions and ideas for my immediate business life."

Peter Buckel, CEO, SuppreMol GmbH - Germany

"For me as a beginner this training course was very helpful in getting the overall picture of business development. It was very well structured and underlined with a lot of examples from real business life, which were presented by a very experienced and entertaining person like Martin Austin."

Naime Yurtseven, Global Drug Delivery Evaluator, Roche - Switzerland

"This business development course is well balanced in terms of new info, practical guidance and structural info. The in-depth knowledge of the speaker, Mr. Austin, creates a confident atmosphere to the seminar and his humour keeps you awake even if you have taken an early flight to the course."

Raimo Skottman, Business Development Director, Oy Leiras Ab - Finland

"A quick and efficient way of revisiting the fundamentals of Business Development in the life science industry in a friendly working environment, enriched with real life business examples and the diversity of participants"

François Valencony, Vice President Corporate Development, Transgene - France

"Martin has wonderful examples from his experience"
"Interesting mix and very good size for an interactive meeting"

Sanja Saftic, Business Development Associate, Berna Biotech Ltd. - Switzerland

"He is an expert in his field"

Martina Brank, Managing Director, Medis d.o.o. - Slovenia

"Pleasant and natural way of presenting"

Hans Hektor, Director Business Development, Biomade Technology Foundation - The Netherlands

"Very good presenter with entertaining anecdotes...very thorough across-the-board-knowledge which highlighted the learning messages"

Yvette Murphy Skov, International Product Manager, Novo Nordisk A/S - Denmark

"A real 'Hands on' approach explained by an expert who knows the business inside out"

Stefan Jung, Head of Market Research, Ratiopharm direct - Germany

8 Mar - 9 Mar 2012

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