Molecular Genetics of Aging

You are invited to participate in the sixth meeting on the Molecular Genetics of Aging, to be held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, beginning after dinner at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9, and concluding with lunch on Saturday, October 13, 2012. The meeting will explore the regulation and function of genes and processes that are now known or suspected to control cellular and/or organismic aging.

Topics and Chairs:
Genetic Variation
Epigenetic Stability
Metabolism & Bioenergetics
Genetic Stability & Cellular Senescence
Stem Cells
Protein Homeostasis
Genetic Manipulations
Nutrient Sensing & Interventions
+ show speakers and program
Steven Austad, University of Texas Health Science Center
Judith Campisi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Buck Institute for Age Research
David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
Ann Brunet, Stanford University
Irina Conboy, University of California, Berkeley
Claudio Franceschi, University of Bologna
Douglas Green, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital
Malene Hasen, The Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Paul Hasty, University of Texas Health Science Center
Shin-ichiro Imai, Washington University in St. Louis
Henri Jasper, University of Rochester
Pankaj Kapahi, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Richard Miller, University of Michigan
Yousin Suh, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jan van Deursen, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Jan Vijg, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Douglas Wallace, Children’s Hospital
Marc Tatar, Brown University

9 Oct - 13 Oct 2012
cold spring harbor
United States of America
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