15th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID)

Dear Members, Colleagues, Sponsors and Friends:

I am delighted to announce that Bangkok has been selected by the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) as the venue for the 15th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (15th ICID) in June 2012.

ISID exists to encourage collaboration between leaders as well as students to find new solutions to the world's infectious diseases. ISID promotes this by bringing together clinicians, researchers, microbiologists and epidemiologists of infectious diseases from all countries of the world to share their commitment and expertise. The end result will be new partnerships, new preventive methods and new therapeutics.

ISID's most successful collaborative program is ProMED-mail, the global electronic surveillance and communication network reporting potential outbreaks affecting humans, animals and plants around the world. ProMED-mail communicates immediate information about disease outbreaks to >50,000 subscribers. Outbreak reports are created by a staff of 40 international experts, in multiple languages, on a daily basis, for free.

The 15th ICID will be a chance for ongoing collaborative efforts, as well as for individuals, to present and share their experiences fighting infectious diseases. To commemorate the 30th year of our Society we are keen to provide attendees in Bangkok with an outstanding scientific program that will run the spectrum from cutting edge research with clinical implications, to state of the art practices in infectious diseases by a truly international faculty composed of world leaders in their areas. ISID looks forward to working together with our collaborator in Thailand, the Infectious Disease Association of Thailand (IDAT), as well as other organizations to develop 15th ICID.

Thailand is bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia, countries where many infectious diseases are endemic, and the choice of Bangkok reflects the commitment of ISID to host meetings in areas where healthcare, education and training in infectious diseases are important issues.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has the ideal congress infrastructure and is an optimal hub site to welcome Asian and worldwide participants to our scientific meeting. Attendees will be able to visit historical sites, immerse in art and culture, taste special foods as well as travel to exotic and beautiful areas outside of the city.

We look forward to your participation at the 15th ICID and to meeting you in Bangkok, June 2012.

Daniel Lew, MD
President, International Society for Infectious Diseases
+ show speakers and program
Dr. Duane J Gubler
Dr. Ching-Lung Lai
Dr. Sharon Lewin
Dr. Didier Pittet
Dr. John David Clemens
Dr. Stephen D. Lawn

13 Jun - 16 Jun 2012

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