Anatomy & Embryology of the Mouse

EMBO Practical Course on Anatomy and Embryology of the Mouse provides a comprehensive overview of the mouse development and anatomy, and teach skills for successful phenotyping of genetically modified mice as the basis of functional genomics.

The Course teaches basic experimental methods to study the morphology of the mouse during development and adult life, including stem cell research, tissue recombination in mouse embryo or foetus, and behavioural phenotyping. It also pays specific attention to the ethical aspect of the work with laboratory animals, including a special lecture and practical instructions during laboratory procedures.

The Course is targeted at PhD students using transgenic mousetechnologies, who are interested instudying the phenotype of genetically modified mice they use or plan to use in their doctoral research.

As Course participants come with different research fields and methodological requirements, we have shaped it in such a way that it can address their specific requirements during Special Interest Sessions, where thep articipants have the opportunity for extensive practice in methods most relevant for their research.

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Hector Leonardo Aguila

Department of Immunology
University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington
Expertise: stem cells


Christopher J Armit

EMAGE Database
Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine,
University of Edinburgh
Expertise: mouse development


Ivo Kalajzić

Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Development
University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington
Expertise: mesenchymal stem cell differentiation


Moises Mallo

Gulbenkian Institute for Science, Oeiras
Expertise: developmental biology


Bojan Polić

Department of Histology and Embryology
Rijeka University School of Medicine, Rijeka
Expertise: immunology


Martin Ringwald

The Jackson Laboratory, Ann Arbor, Maine
Expertise: gene expression database


Hiroshi Takanayagi

University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Expertise: osteoimmunology


8 Sep - 16 Sep 2012
Croatia (Hrvatska)
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