The EMBO meeting

The EMBO Meeting offers a European forum for scientific exchange where participants are exposed to new perspectives from topics covering the entire range of the molecular life sciences, encouraging them to look beyond the boundaries of their own fields.
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Keynote Lectures

Paul Nurse UK
Saturday, 22 September, 17:45-18:30

Linda Partridge DE/ UK
Monday, 24 September, 09:00-9:45

Louis-Jeantet Prize Lectures
Matthias Mann DE & Fiona Powrie UK
Monday, 24 September, 09:45-10:45

Plenary Lectures

Chromatin & chromosomes – The dynamic genome
Saturday, 22 September 18:30-20:00

Steven Henikoff US
Adrian Bird UK
Ingrid Grummt DE

RNA life – from birth to death
Sunday, 23 September 09:00-10:30

Robert H. Singer US
David Tollervey UK
Elisa Izaurralde DE

Oxygen sensing, vasculogenesis & disease
Tuesday, 25 September 14:00-15:30

Peter Carmeliet BE
Kari Alitalo FI
Anne Eichmann FR

22 Sep - 25 Sep 2012
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