From Causes to Consequences to Treatment: Obesity in Perspectiv

From Causes to Consequences to Treatment: Obesity in Perspective
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Day 1:
Keynote Speaker: Barbara Corky, PhD ( – “From causes to
consequences to treatment: Obesity in perspective.”
Day 2:
Session 1 – Obesity risk: From the individual to the population.
Chair: Anthony Comuzzie, PhD (
Speaker 1: Joanne Curran, PhD ( – The genetic
contribution to obesity
Speaker 2: Jamy Ard, PhD ( – Behavior, personal life style, and the risk
for obesity
Speaker 3: Whitney Robinson, PhD ( )– Health disparities in
obesity and its complications
Speaker 4: Meghan Slining, PhD ( - Public health to public policy
Session 2 – Nutrition and Obesity
Chair: Jay Kaplan, PhD (
Speaker 1: Karen Teff, PhD ( – Palatability, feeding behavior,
and the risk for obesity Speaker 2: Paul Higgins, PhD ( – Impact of nutritional factors
on cardiometabolic disease risk
Speaker 3: Louis Perusse, PhD ( – Nutrigenetics and
Speaker 4: TBD – Metabolomic response and its relationship to obesity risk
Day 3:
Session 3 – Increased susceptibility for obesity: Genes and Environment
Chair: Kari North, PhD (
Speaker 1: Penny Gordon-Larson, PhD ( – Impact of the built
environment on patterns of energy expenditure
Speaker 2: Jim Levine, PhD ( – Inactivity/low energy
expenditure/low fitness and the development of obesity
Speaker 3: Aline Andres (W, Young investigator, New) Arkansas Children’s Nutrition
“Obesity during pregnancy – a metabolic challenge for the fetus and future child’
Speaker 4: Molly Bray, PhD ( – Genetic factors in physical activity and
Session 4 – The distinction between “homeostatic” vs. “nonhomeostatic” feeding
circuits: fact, fiction, or a little of both?
Speaker 1: Gorica Petrovitch, PhD ( – Amygdala and
prefrontal cortex participate in telencephalic control of hypothalamic systems
Speaker 2: Ralph DiLeone, PhD ( – Metabolic hormones,
dopamine circuits, and feeding
Speaker 3: 3. Jeff Zigman, PhD ( - Role of ghrelin
in feeding behavior
Speaker 4: Brian Baldo, PhD ( - Feeding elicited by opioid
stimulation of prefrontal cortex: an example of hypothalamic systems ‘taking orders from
above’? Day 4:
Session 5 – Are Palatable foods “addictive”?
Chair: Brian Baldo, PhD (
Speaker 1: Paul Kenny, PhD ( – Addiction-like food preferences
in rats raised on junk food
Speaker 2: Nicole Avena, PhD ( – Neurobiological evidence for sugar
Speaker 3: Mitch Roitman ( - How does the dopamine system
encode food reward?
Speaker 4: Susana Pecina, PhD ( – Brain sites mediating food
Session 6 – Maternal influences on offspring: Early programming of obesity
Chair: Tracy Bale, PhD (
Speaker 1: Terry Huang, PhD ( – Fetal and early childhood
nutrition and risks for obesity and chronic diseases
Speaker 2: Mark Nijland, PhD ( – Maternal high fat diet:
Epigenetic modifications on fetal baboon liver
Speaker 3: Mina Desai, PhD ( – Maternal undernutrition or
overnutrition predisposes offspring to leptin resistance and obesity
Speaker 4: Teresa Reyes, PhD (– Development of
obesity and metabolic syndrome in response to in utero programming
Day 5
Session 7 – Chronic Stress: Implications for development of the metabolic dysregulation
Chair: Kellie Tamashiro, PhD (
Speaker 1: Bruce McEwen, PhD ( ) – Overview of
stress and the metabolic syndrome
Speaker 2: Elissa Epel, PhD ( – Impact of stress physiology on
metabolic systems
Speaker 3: Carol Shively, DVM ( – Social stress and disease
susceptibility in non-human primates
Speaker 4: Randall Sakai, PhD (– Chronic social stress: Does
stress make you fat?
Session 8: Obesity and Pathogenic outcomes: Does excess adiposity really
cause disease?
Chair: Paul MacLean
Speaker 1: Robert Noland (New and Young Investigator), Pennington,
“Carnitine supplementation improves mitochondrial metabolic control and whole
body glucose tolerance without changes in adiposity”
Speaker 2: Elizabeth Parks (W, New), UTSouthwestern,
Obesity, fatty acid metabolism, and fatty liver disease
Speaker 3: Need speaker, Jim Perfield just cancelled on me, will be contacting
speakers today.
Speaker 4: Darcy Johanssen (New, W, and Young investigator), Pennington,
Metabolic outcomes of experimental overfeeding in young healthy adults.
Day 6
Session 9 –Pathways forward: Which front in the war on obesity?
Chair: Steve Smith, MD (
Speaker 1: Allison Fields, ScD ( - Prevention
Speaker 2: Gary Foster, PhD ( – Lifestyle and behavior
Speaker 3: TBD - Pharmacotherapy
Speaker 4: TBD - Surgery

5 Aug - 10 Aug 2012
snowmass village
United States of America
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