Transcriptional Regulation during Cell Growth, Differentiation, and Development

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Barbara Meyer (UC – Berkeley/HHMI):
Chromosome‐Wide Regulation of C. elegans Gene Expression
DAY 2 Session 1 Transcriptional pausing and elongation
1. Mitzi Kuroda: Genomic analysis of dosage compensation in Drosophila
2. Ali Shilatifard (Stowers) Transcriptional Elongation Control in Epigenetics
3. Evgeny Nudler (NYU) Polymerase backtracking and elongation
4. John Lis (Cornell) Probing Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation In Vivo
DAY 2 Session 2 Transcription factor selectivity and cell fate specification
1. Ken Zaret (Univ Penn.) Discussion Leader
Chromatin Factors and Complexes that Enable Cell Type Choices in Embryos
2. Jeremy Dasen (NYU) Interpretation and selection of Hox inputs determines the fates of motor neuron
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PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ will not be offered.
3. Eileen Furlong (EMBL Heidelberg) The interplay between transcription factor occupancy and
chromatin modifications in enhancer regulation
4. Steve Tapscott (FHCRC) Comparing MyoD and NeuroD2: the genetics and epigenetics of
differentiation networks.
5. Richard Mann (NYU) Lessons from the fly leg: how tissue growth and a genetic cascade establish the
proximo‐distal axis
DAY 3 Session 3 Long noncoding RNAs for transcriptional regulation
1. Jeannie Lee (MGH/HHMI) Discussion Leader
Epigenetic regulation by long noncoding RNA
2. Howard Chang (Stanford/HHMI) Genome regulation by long noncoding RNAs
3. Ramin Shiekhattar (Wistar) TBD
4. Joaquin Espinoza (UC – Boulder/HHMI) Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in the p53 network
DAY 3 Session 4 transgenerational signaling and epigenetic memory
1. Susan Strome (UC‐Santa Cruz) Discussion Leader
Epigenetic Control of Germ Cell Fate in C. elegans
2. Brad Cairns (Huntsman Cancer Institute/Univ. Utah/HHMI) Chromatin Dynamics in the Germ line and
Early Embryo
3. Susan Mango (Harvard) Mother Knows Best: foxA and Gut Development
4. Bill Kelly (Emory) Germline‐Specific Modes of Transcriptional Regulation in C. elegans
5. Rennato Paro (ETH Zurich) Chaperoning epigenetic gene control
DAY 4 Session 5 Nuclear organization and chromatin structure
1. Wendy Bickmore (MRC Ediburgh) Discussion Long‐range control of gene regulation in development
and disease
2. Bas van Steensel (Netherlands Cancer Institue) Chromatin domain organization of eukaryotic
This activity is not being planned in accordance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. AMA
PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ will not be offered.
3. Denis Duboule Structure and Functions of Regulatory Archipelagos Structure and Functions of
Regulatory Archipelagos
4. Bob Kingston (MGH) TBD
Day 4 Session 6 small noncoding RNAs and repression
1. Scott Kennedy (UW‐Madison) Discussion Leader
Transcriptional gene silencing and multi‐generational epigenetic inheritance
2. Danesh Moazed (HMS/HHMI) TBD
3. Alexie Aravin (Cal Tech) Small RNA pathways in germline
4. Steve Jacobsen (UCLA/HHMI) DNA methylation in Arabidopsis
5. Velario Orlando (Dulbecco Teleton, Italy) Chromatin associated RNAi complexes and transcriptional
DAY 5 Session 7 Establishment and interpretation of gradients
1. Eric Wieschaus (Princeton/HHMI) Discussion Leader
Patterning Cell Behavior in the Drosophila Embryo
2. Barbara Graves (Huntsman Cancer Inst./Univ. Utah/HHMI) ETS proteins: coding for specificity
3. James Briscoe (MRC London, UK) The gene regulatory logic of Sonic Hedgehog Morphogen Signaling
4. Alex Schier (Harvard) Transcriptional responses to morphogen signals
5. Jason Lieb (UNC Chapel Hill) Chromatin Dynamics in Cell Fate Specification and Maintenance
DAY 5 Session 8 Stochasticity and Robustness
1. Mike Levine (UC‐Berkeley) Discussion Leader
Mechanisms of transcriptional precision in the Drosophila embryo, including population robustness
2. Claude Desplan (NYU) Stochastic choices in the Drosophila retina
3. Jon Whetstine (MGH Cancer Center) Bridging Cell Cycle and Organismal Behavior Through Histone
This activity is not being planned in accordance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. AMA
PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ will not be offered.
4. Kevin Struhl (HMS) An epigenetic switch linking inflammation to cancer
5. Steve Henikoff (FHCRC/ HHMI) TBD
DAY 6 Session 9 Transcriptional memory and stem cells
1. Brad Bernstein (MGH Cancer Center) Discussion Leader Systematic analysis of human genomic
elements and their regulators
2. Rick Young (Whitehead Insitute/MIT) New Insights into Transcriptional Control of Cell State
3. Jurg Mueller (Max Planck, Munich) Molecular mechanisms of the Polycomb/trithorax system.
4. John Tampkun (UC‐Santa Cruz) TBD
5. Joanna Wysocka (Stanford)‐ Enhancer‐mediated developmental gene regulation

15 Jul - 20 Jul 2012

Snowmass Village
United States of America
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