Nobel Conference on Breast Cancer

World-leading breast cancer researchers will present and discuss their recent findings at the Nobel Conference entitled

Breast cancer; progress and challenges in prevention, risk prediction, tumor biology and treatment

The aim of the meeting is to create a forum for presentations of ground-breaking research and cross-disciplinary discussions between tumor biologists, oncologists, surgeons and epidemiologists. The total number of participants will be around 120 persons.

Individuals interested to join this meeting as discussants are encouraged to submit an application before March 31. Applications should be composed of a 1 page CV including titles of 5 selected publications. Notification of acceptance will be sent before April 30.

The fee for joining the conference as a discussant is 250 Euro, which gives access to scientific sessions, and also cover lunches and a conference dinner on June 16.

Applications should be sent to Arne Östman (

For additional information, contact the organizing committee through email to Arne Östman

Organizing committee (Karolinska Institutet): Prof. Jonas Bergh, Prof. Per Hall, Prof. Arne Östman and Prof. Rune Toftgård

Scientific advisors: Prof. Jane Visvader and Prof. Adrian Harris

+ show speakers and program
Doug Easton Laura Esserman Tony Howell Jan-Åke Gustafsson Valerie Weaver Richard Peto Mary King Michael Clarke Paolo di Fiore Jane Visvader Sandy McAllister Mina Bissell Matt Ellis Roel Nusse Charlotte Kupperwasser Michael Wigler Joan Massague Jos Jonkers Robert Kerbel Laura van t´Veer Anne-Lise Börresen – Dale Lajos Pusztai Thomas Helleday Kathy Miller Adrian Harris Daniel Hayes Larry Norton Michael Gnant Gunter von Minckwitz Martine Piccart Jonas Bergh

14 Jun - 17 Jun 2012
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