First European Symposium of Biopathology

Biopathology (or integrative pathology) is an emerging medical specialty joining molecular biology and clinical pathology.

Biopathology is the link between tissue biomarkers and targeted therapy, indicating molecular targets to specific drugs as therapeutic antibodies or small molecules.

This new investigative field is based on innovating technologies permitting nucleic acids or proteins extraction from small or FFPE samples, gene mutation or fusion transcript detection, RNA or protein expression study.

This symposium is dedicated to an audience of 300 pathologists, oncologist, molecular biologists, companies of biotechnology and pharmaceutics.

This symposium will be held in English at Espace Marceau in Center Paris (France) on 14th and 15th of June, 2012.

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Fabien Calvo, Manfred Dietel, Marc Ladanyi, Oliver Delattre, Patrizia Paterlini, I Zlobec, Laurent Alexandre, T van Wezel, I Janoueix and others.

14 Jun - 15 Jun 2012
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