Practical Aspects of Small Molecule Drug Discovery: At the interface of biology, chemistry and pharmacology

A growing number of investigators in leading research institutions and small and medium-sized companies are expanding from their strength in disease biology into early-stage drug discovery. However, this move requires successfully combining the disciplines of biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology, the breadth of which can present organisational, knowledge and competence challenges for institutions and investigators. This residential course aims to give researchers of any discipline a broad introduction to the theoretical, practical and organisational aspects of small molecule drug discovery. Each topic will include a lecture together with discussion sessions or case histories to develop key aspects highlighted in the lectures. In addition there will be practical sessions to illustrate the beginnings of drug discovery programmes, including the production of target product profiles, project plans and milestones, compound progression criteria and scientific strategy.

Topics will include:

Project management and organisation of multi-disciplinary projects
Target discovery and validation
Hit discovery options
Screening set selection, storage and quality control
Screening cascades, assay development and quality control
Data mining
Principles of compound optimisation and case histories
Introduction to pharmacokinetics
In silico approaches to drug design
Intellectual property strategy
Regulatory bodies requirements
Data packages required for out licensing and partnering
An introduction to preclinical and clinical development.
+ show speakers and program
Professor Paul Wyatt (Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee, UK)
Dr Mary Donnelly (MDPharmasolutions Ltd, Hertford, UK)

Guest lecturers

A prestigious panel of guest lecturers from industry, academia and established not-for-profit organisations will be assembled for the course. Guest lecturers in previous years have included senior representatives from:

Merck, Sharp & Dohme
European Bioinformatics Institute
Medical Research Council
University of Dundee
Astex Pharmaceuticals
GF Associates
Imperial College

17 Jun - 22 Jun 2012
United Kingdom
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