Drosophila Genetics and Genomics

Established almost 20 years ago, this course continues to attract lecturers and participants at the cutting edge of Drosophila research. The intended audience is postdoctoral and graduate students now working in a fly lab, or students who have recently completed a PhD in another field and are moving into Drosophila research for their postdoctoral studies. However, students with other backgrounds will be considered on their merits. Course places are limited and will be awarded on merit by the selection committee. Applicants must complete and upload an application form during registration (see below for details).

The course will cover advanced topics in Drosophila genetic and genomics and is organised by Dr R. Scott Hawley (Stowers Institute, USA) and Dr Casey Bergman (University of Manchester, UK). Scott and Casey now form the core teaching staff, complemented by a panel of distinguished, international guest lecturers.

Genome sequence analysis
Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis
Recombineering and imaging
Chromatin and epigenetics
RNAi technologies
High-throughput genetic screens.
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Course organisers
R. Scott Hawley Stowers Institute, USA (bio)
Casey Bergman University of Manchester, UK (bio)

Guest lecturers include:
Steve Russell University of Cambridge, UK (bio)
Pavel Tomancak MPI-CBG-Dresden, Germany (bio)
Gary Karpen LBNL/UC-Berkeley, USA (bio)
Norbert Perrimon Harvard Medical School, USA (bio)

12 Aug - 20 Aug 2012
United Kingdom
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