The Genomics of Common Diseases 2012

This sixth annual conference marks the 20th anniversary year of the founding of Nature Genetics. Over the past six years, our understanding of the genetic architecture of disease has been progressively redefined by genome-wide association studies characterizing common variation, the fine mapping of these associated regions, the emergence and growth of new sequencing technologies, and the assessment of rare variant association.

With the improvements in genome sequencing technologies, this past year has seen a rapid increase in the availability of exome and whole genome sequencing datasets. This conference will include presentations highlighting the latest in sequencing technologies with applications to characterize genetic variation and disease associations. The conference will also include presentations on using high-density custom genotyping chips, refining associations through fine mapping, moving from association to function and annotation of functional regions, analyzing sequencing datasets, and exploring the genetic architecture of common disease.

Nature Genetics in association with the Wellcome Trust is pleased to announce the sixth annual Genomics of Common Diseases meeting, which will address the following topics across a range of common diseases:

Exome and whole genome sequencing
Custom genotyping chips and fine mapping
Clinical and targeted sequencing
Regulatory and functional genomics
Cancer genomics
Clinical translation and pharmacogenetics
Statistical analyses of sequencing datasets
Population and evolutionary genetics
Infectious disease and host genetics

+ show speakers and program

Thomas Hudson (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Canada)
Neil Risch (University of California, San Francisco, USA)
Sarah Tishkoff (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA)


Antonis Antoniou (University of Cambridge, UK)
Les Biesecker (National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA)
John Blangero (Texas Biomedical Research Institute, USA)
Mary Carrington (National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA)
Stephen Chanock (National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA)
Paul de Bakker (The Broad Institute, USA / University Medical Centre Utrecht, Netherlands)
Claire Fraser-Liggett (University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA)
Manolis Kellis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Patricia Munroe (William Harvey Research Institute, UK)
Benjamin Neale (The Broad Institute, USA)
Alkes Price (Harvard School of Public Health, USA)
Jonathan Pritchard (University of Chicago, USA)
Dan Roden (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA)
Nicholas Schork (University of California, San Diego / Scripps Research Institute, USA)
Christine Seidman (Harvard Medical School, USA)
Jay Shendure (University of Washington, USA)
Adam Siepel (Cornell University, USA)
Pamela Sklar (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA)
Nicole Soranzo (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK)
Shamil Sunyaev (Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School, USA)
Cisca Wijmenga (University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands)
Ramnik Xavier (Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School, USA)

19 Sep - 22 Sep 2012
United Kingdom
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