Basic Light Microscopy

Why You Should Apply

Light microscopy is the most widely used form of microscopy for organic and inorganic research. The correct handling of the microscope and optimizing image quality (e.g. contrast, resolution) according to different applications are crucial to obtaining the best results out of a light microscope.

This four-day course will provide the participants with an overview about the basics of light microscopy and imaging. The course will combine lectures with daily hands-on practices followed by discussion. The participants will get familiarized with the setup and potential of light and fluorescence microscopes and they will be given an insight of the basics of digital imaging, including image processing.

Who Should Apply

This course is directed towards PhD students and faculty searching for instruction on light microscopy and image processing.

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Scientific Organisers

Jens Marquardt, Olympus, Germany

Stefan Terjung, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Rainer Wegerhoff, Olympus, Germany

10 Jul - 13 Jul 2012
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