Microinjection into adherent cells

This course is aimed at Technicians and Scientists interested in microinjection into adherent cells that have basic experience with cell culture and microscopy.

About 20% of the course program covers lectures and tutorials on microinjection and corresponding microscopy techniques by experts in the field. The rest of the time will focus on hands on practical work organised in small groups. These practical will address the following topics: sample preparation, microinjection of marker dyes, microinjection of GFP-constructs, microscopy training, and experiment analysis.

Participants may bring along their own samples as they will have the possibility to image them and discuss results with the course teachers.
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Symposium Chairs
Scientific Organisers

Regina Klose, MTG Medical Technology Vertriebs-GmbH, Germany

Yvonne Petersen, EMBL, Germany

Sandra Stobrawa, Eppendorf AG, Germany

Franciscus A. van der Hoeven, DKFZ, Germany

27 Nov - 28 Nov 2012

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