When development meets cell biology

The French Societies for Cell Biology (SBCF) and for Developmental Biology (SFBD) organize their 1st joint meeting entitled " When Development meets Cell Biology ".

+ show speakers and program
Stem cells and specification
Margaret Buckingham, Paris - France
Martine Simonelig, Montpellier - France
Magdalena Götz, Munchen - Germany
Michel Puceat, Evry - France

Cell migration and adhesion
Eric Sahai, London - UK
Ana Huttenlocher, Madison - USA
Vania Braga, London - UK

Michel Labouesse, Illkirch - France
Dennis Discher, Philadelphia - USA
Catherine Picart, Grenoble - France
Regulatory networks and epigenetics
Giacomo Cavalli, Montpellier - France
François Guillemot, London - UK
Robert Feil, Montpellier - France

Pietro de Camilli , New Haven - USA
Graça Raposo, Paris - France
Roland Le Borgne, Rennes - France

16 Oct - 19 Oct 2012

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